About Ani M. Garikian

Photo of Ani M. Garikian

A graduate of UCLA, Ms. Garikian earned her Juris Doctorate degree from Loyola Law School and then immediately commenced her career in family law.

Her years of practice in handling high-end, complex family law matters, coupled with her resolution-oriented philosophy and values place her in a unique position of being able to offer her clients creative solutions to even the most challenging family law disputes.

She is committed to providing quality legal services with the highest professional and ethical standards, to achieve maximum success, always keeping in mind her clients specified goals and best interests.

Ms. Garikian‘s approach is a client-centered one, and her case strategy is formulated based on a client’s individual goals and needs. Once she has evaluated those goals and needs and has determined that they are reasonable and attainable, she looks to formulate a financially and emotionally cost-effective strategy to achieve them.

She firmly believes that a client deserves sound and accurate legal advice, excellent and consistent work product, prompt service/attention and, most of all, integrity in all aspects of the attorney-client relationship.

Ms. Garikian supports a variety of cultural and charitable organizations, including several providing assistance and shelter to victims of domestic violence in her local community.

She volunteers as a mediator for the Los Angeles Superior Court — Family Law and the Domestic Violence Project, Los Angeles Superior Court and the Pro Bono Committee of the Armenian Bar Association.

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