Can Mediation Benefit Your Case?

Creative Solutions To Family Law Problems

Mediation is a process whereby a neutral third person, trained in dispute resolution techniques, guides couples in divorce by listening, identifying issues, exploring options, and helping the parties reach a mutually agreeable solution. Mediation can keep legal costs reasonable and reduce emotional conflicts. As a nonadversarial alternative to litigation, it can also facilitate the development of creative solutions that take into account the needs of both parties and their children.

Ani M. Garikian is a trained mediator with experience resolving issues arising from divorce including child custody, parenting time, property division and support. As a mediator, Ms. Garikian is client-focused, working hard to reach real solutions in a responsive and cost-effective manner. Ani M. Garikian also advises and acts as a consulting attorney for clients who are engaged in mediation with other mediators.

The Mediation Process

Unlike traditional divorce litigation, the parties do not have to conform to the court’s schedule when they choose mediation. Resolving the outstanding issues in a divorce through mediation can be accomplished in one session, or it may take multiple sessions conducted over several weeks or months. While mediation is by nature a cooperative process, it can be successfully utilized in situations where the parties do not get along as long as they are willing to participate in the process.

When serving as your mediator, Ani M. Garikian will gather key facts about your marriage, your children and your financial situation. She will work closely to the concerns of each party, attempting to identify possible solutions that recognize and reconcile the needs of each person. If there are special issues that need to be addressed, Ms. Garikian can call in one or more consultants who can provide guidance, such as an accountant or child psychologist.

After an agreement on all outstanding issues has been reached, the parties will each have an opportunity to discuss it with independent counsel. Ms. Garikian will then draft a stipulated judgment, to be entered by the court.

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